Joe Muñoz 

Instructor Training Platform

Guaranteed to improve your instructional ability & leave your audience begging for more. 


Complete Video Library

Full lineup of engaging video lessons that will train your trainers to deliver incredible instruction. 

Unlimited Access

Your training team will have 24/7 access across any platform of their choosing. 

Track Results

Track your teams performance, logins, and lessons viewed. Get ready for dramatic results in student performance & feedback.


Tailored content & customized courses to meet your organizations needs.

Why Choose Us?

AX3 Instruction is the exact blueprint to boost instructor effectiveness with lessons on:

  1. Getting & Keeping Student Attention
  2. Boosting Engagement
  3. Improving Student Comprehension
  4. Elevating Instructor Classroom Awareness
  5. Improving Student/Instructor Relationship
  6. Increasing Instructor Accountability 

Joe Munoz will become your teams 24/7 coach on delivering incredible instruction. With the full support of our team, we will help you build a teaching organization that will leave your students begging to come to class. 

Access Across Any Platform Anytime

Access every lesson from any phone, tablet, desktop, or laptop. Regardless of time or device of choice; we designed this platform with your convenience in mind. Take Joe on the go as your personal coach in growing your instructional ability. 

Trusted Instruction Methodology

Students & Training Organizations Believe in AX3 Instruction. 

Joe has a record of truly helping others succeed in every training event he delivers. The teaching principles of AX3 Instruction are the 3 core concepts Joe centers all of his instruction around. These principles enable Joe’s teaching approach to be “Fresh, Engaging, & Highly Interactive”. Rest assured your team will be learning strategies that have been tried, tested & trusted by highly reputable training organizations around the world.