Learn to elevate your instruction by becoming a Connective Communicator with Joe!

For 10 years Joe has been delivering highly engaging instruction to airline pilots around the world! Joe has taken his proven principles and built out AX3 Instruction to educate any educator on not just how to teach, but rather how to become a highly connective communicator. Below is the breakdown of the A’s in AX3 Instruction and the exact lessons you will learn with Joe on video right here! 


This is the pinnacle of the AX3 triangle for a reason. Without attention nobody will ever hear you message. This is the difference between average and connective communicators. In these lessons Joe will show you exactly how to:

  • Get Attention
  • Keep Attention
  • Deliver Your Message
  • Ensure it was perceived as intended
  • Dominate the spotlight
  • Attitude & Altitude 


This is the second point of the AX3 triangle on purpose!  Connective communicators have the high awareness levels needed to ensure you are always in control of the energy with your audience. In these lessons Joe will show you exactly how to:

  • Stay highly aware 
  • Read your audience
  • Shift them back to engagement 
  • Perception Control 
  • Redirecting focus 


This is the third point of the AX3 triangle that connects the previous points all together! Accountability is where most instructors fail miserably! In these lessons Joe will show you exactly how to:

  • Take control of presentation outcome
  • Understand your role in audience energy
  • Refine your technical knowledge
  • Force engagement 
  • Remove excuses 


To get AX3 Certified instructors must attend the 2 Day certification event. For 8 hours each day Joe will break down exactly how to boost your instructional effectiveness using proven strategies. Once certified you will receive your AX3 Certification card and completion certificate. 

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